Lamb for the holidays, year 2

It is that time of year again where lamb is the expected holiday meat for the table.  Last year we posted step by step photos of the process, and if you are interested this year, click here: lamb for the holidays.  Jason once again came to enjoy the holidays with us and he wanted to learn the entire process.  The part that takes the longest is breaking down the meat into sections the way we cook.  Most people here, just halve or quarter the lamb and cook it on the outside  grill.  We enjoy lamb several ways and grilling is only one way.  Jon and Jason carefully referenced the cook book to be sure we created the cuts of meat we were looking to cook.

Jason cutting meat 1

Jason cutting meat 2

So far we have shared a quarter cooked on the barbeque with friends, had oven roasted leg of lamb and made a lamb ragu.  Instead of making sausage this year the trimmings went for dog food, so everyone was able to enjoy a holiday feast.

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